Amerika is the sixth track of Reise, Reise. It is also the second single of the album. It deals with the worldwide dominance of the culture of the United States. It is sung largely in German with a chorus partly in English: We're all living in Amerika, Amerika ist wunderbar, We're all living in Amerika, Amerika. It has received mixed reviews: some perceive it as anti-American, others as being opposed to globalization. The band views it as a satirical commentary on Cocacolonization.


The video shows the band in Apollo-era space suits on the Moon with shots of other cultures acting like Americans. The end of the video shows that the band have actually been in a fake Moon set in a studio, complete with film crew, a reference to the Apollo moon landing hoax accusations. Till Lindemann, Rammstein's lead singer, wears a space suit with the name "Armstrong" on it - a reference to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon.



During live performances of this song, Flake was often seen riding around on a Segway HT; confetti cannons, with red, white and blue confetti in them, were also used. This parodies the ticker-tape parade. During a concert in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 30 2005, Till Lindemann suffered a knee injury when Flake accidentally ran into him with the Segway. This caused concerts scheduled in Asia to be canceled. Flake has mentioned that the band will not use the Segway again.